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We are the church. Not the building. Not the name. Us. The People. As Christians, we’re called to strive to be the church 365 days a year. Join Pastors Andrew Murch and Tyler Clarensau every week as they discuss life as Christians on mission, tackle different “ologies,” recommend books, and answer your questions.

To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 66: Liturgy (Part Two)

Tyler recently sat down with Paul Ramey and Adam Hendrix, two pastors who are responsible for the liturgy at their respective churches.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 64: Facebook Live

This week we decided to record live on Facebook. We looked at a few questions, checked out some Christian or Christianese, and gave some recommendations.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 54: Praying for the Home Team

Should a Christian pray for their team to win? Shouldn't a Christian pray about everything? What happens in community when we pray about trivial things? Tyler and Andrew tackle this subject. We also talk a little "Christian or Christianese," discussing the phrases "personal Lord & Savior" and "the sinner's prayer." Also, isn't it better for someone to go to a prosperity church than not going to a church at all?
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 50: Joel Osteen or Fortune Cookie

It's our 50th episode! It's our one year anniversary! Today we play a few games, including Yeezus or Jesus and Joel Osteen or Fortune Cookie. We also take a pointed political question, and bring back our segment called "Questions With Drew."
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 25: Citizens & Saints’ Zach Bolen

This week we talk with Zach Bolen of the band Citizens & Saints. We talk music in the church, songwriting in the church, the role of community in the church.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 86: No Fat People on the Worship Team

This week, we discuss the "Worship Team Guidelines" of a church that was recently under scrutiny for their stance on being overweight. Enjoy.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 118: Jeff Vanderstelt, Author of GOSPEL FLUENCY

This week, Tyler and Courtney sit down with Pastor and Author Jeff Vanderstelt about his new book Gospel Fluency. RESOURCES: Gospel Fluency by Jeff Vanderstelt Saturate by...
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 149: The Gospel and The Gifts

What happens when a denominational distinction or element of a church culture takes precedence over Scripture? How should we respond? And how can we keep this...
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 58: Women in the Old Testament

Women in the Old Testament... Numbers 5 is odd... Why in the world would God tell a man who suspects that his wife is unfaithful to humiliate her by having her drink cursed water?
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 61: Chasing Church Growth

Andrew and Tyler were at a pastor's conference this week, so they recorded from North Town Coffee in Yakima, Washington. They grabbed a cup of coffee, found a table, and talked about the dangers of chasing church growth.

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