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We are the church. Not the building. Not the name. Us. The People. As Christians, we’re called to strive to be the church 365 days a year. Join Pastors Andrew Murch and Tyler Clarensau every week as they discuss life as Christians on mission, tackle different “ologies,” recommend books, and answer your questions.

To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 72: The Problem is Sin

A lot has happened in our nation and in the Church since we sat down in the same room together, and we have a lot to say about our response as the church.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 147: Lyrical Analysis

This week, Andrew and Tyler are analyzing a couple songs and talking about the importance of what the local church sings. RESOURCES: Episode 36 CONTACT US: podcast@tobethechurch.com, facebook.com/tobethechurch & twitter.com/tobethechurch
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 203: Anonymous Comments & Church Elders

With Andrew is out of the office, Tyler and Ben are joined by Gavin Hesse; a non-vocational elder of Northwest Gospel Church. The guys have...
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 174: Jesus Can’t Do What?!

This week on the TBTC Podcast, Andrew and Tyler respond to a sermon clip where a pastor explains something that Jesus "wanted to do,...
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 195: Things That Must Go

This week, with Tyler and Ben out of the office, Andrew is joined by Max to discuss an article. The guys give responses to...
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 17: An Underground Missionary

On this week's episode, we break our normal format to talk with a missionary who is serving in one of the most volatile regions in the world. We talk about preaching the gospel to unreached people groups, life in a country where you're not welcome, and the dangers of life on the field.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 55: Facebook Theology

It's another question-answering episode. What do we do when other Christians post videos that are theologically off base? How quickly do we try to change a church culture if we're in leadership?
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 146: Talking with Your Kids about Gay Family Members

For Episode 146 of the To Be The Church podcast, Andrew and Tyler are discussing women in music ministry. Also, Andrew and Tyler look...
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 175: My Pastor Signs My Paycheck

This week on the To Be The Church podcast, Andrew is out of the office and Tyler is joined by Courtney and Max to talk...
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 59: News from The Babylon Bee

The Babylon Bee is the greatest thing to happen to the Internet since Candy Crush. Today we simply look at articles from this "Onion-esque" news source, and then talk about the tongue-in-cheek truth inside them.

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