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We are the church. Not the building. Not the name. Us. The People. As Christians, we’re called to strive to be the church 365 days a year. Join Pastors Andrew Murch and Tyler Clarensau every week as they discuss life as Christians on mission, tackle different “ologies,” recommend books, and answer your questions.

To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 83: The Pledge of Allegiance

Recently, Andrew came across a question from a youth pastor regarding the Pledge of Allegiance. In light of where our nation is politically, is it OK for a Christian to say the pledge? Is it in bounds to refrain? Join us as Andrew and Tyler take sides and debate the issue.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 161: Choosing Songs, Redeeming Moments

With Andrew out of the office, Tyler sits down with Max to answer some listener questions about music in local church gatherings. What goes...
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 92: Christmas Carols and the Worship Team

It's Christmas time, and with Christmas come the often loved and often hated Christmas carols. Should we sing them? Should we preach sermons about them? This conversation sparked another about the leadership role of the person leading musical worship. From there, we answer a couple of questions about musical worship.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 74: The “F – Bomb” in a Gospel Song

One of Tyler's favorite gospel bands, King's Kaleidoscope, recently released a somewhat polarizing song, and he wants to talk about it.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 138: Almost Tweeted

This week, Andrew and Tyler are discussing a couple scenarios that were almost tweeted about. Also, Andrew discusses young preachers and how to work...
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 111: The Fire Alarm

Join Andrew and Tyler as they sit down and discuss the opportunities for development that churches have coming out of the Easter season. They...
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 114: Preston Sprinkle on Go

Tyler sits down with Preston Sprinkle to talk about the TBTC Book Club: April Book of the Month. However, Tyler and Preston go much...
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 18: No Easy Math

Today we're answering questions, and often we don't have the answers. Andrew and Tyler cover everything from God punishing the faithful to drummers getting struck by lightning to what it really means to be the church.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 61: Chasing Church Growth

Andrew and Tyler were at a pastor's conference this week, so they recorded from North Town Coffee in Yakima, Washington. They grabbed a cup of coffee, found a table, and talked about the dangers of chasing church growth.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 154: Young, Restless, and Uninformed

With Tyler in class this week, Andrew is joined by Max to talk about young Christians, social media, and hot-button issues. Andrew also answers questions...

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