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The church has been singing together for hundreds of years. But why? Why do we, week in and week out, practice the rhythm of gathering together in community? And when we do gather, what should we sing? Church Music Matters is a new podcast where two guys who serve together in a local church, Tyler Clarensau and Max Janusch, sit down and try to figure this stuff out... with microphones... and theologians, authors, songwriters, and pastors who are way smarter than they are.

Stephen Miller, Author of Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rockstars (S01 Ep09)

As we've seen multiple times this season, the role of the musical worship leader is pastoral, servant-minded, and anything but a rock star. This...

Paul Ramey of Imago Dei Community (S01 Ep08)

There are few things more important in local church music ministry than the development of leaders, and there are few musical worship leaders who...

Zach Bolen of Citizens & Saints (S01 Ep07)

When it comes to music for the gathered church, there are few artists as theologically deep and lyrically simple as Citizens & Saints. This...

Michael Bleecker of The Village Church (S01 Ep06)

What happens when you're a touring musical worship leader, and a love for the local church begins to grow in you. Our guest this...

Adam Hendrix of Union Chapel (S01 Ep05)

As church leaders and musicians, what we are doing is shaping and forming our people, so the shape of what we're doing matters. Local...

Jon Guerra of Vertical Church Band (S01 Ep04)

Every once in awhile, a song comes around that is perfect for gathered worship. While it may speak of personal circumstances, it encompasses all...

Aaron Ivey of Austin Stone Worship (S01 Ep03)

The Austin Stone is a church that not only does church music extremely well, they also equip other churches to do the same. This...

Cam Huxford, Pastor and Front Man of Ghost Ship (S01 Ep02)

Mars Hill Church was known for a lot of things... one of which is their incredible worship music. Cam Huxford was one of their...

Zac Hicks, author of The Worship Pastor (S1 Ep 01)

Why do we do what we do? For every question about church music, we have an answer. Why is it so loud? Why do...

Introductions (S1 Ep 00)

The church has been singing together for hundreds of years. But why? Why do we, week in and week out, practice the rhythm of...

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