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We are the church. Not the building. Not the name. Us. The People. As Christians, we’re called to strive to be the church 365 days a year. Join Pastors Andrew Murch and Tyler Clarensau every week as they discuss life as Christians on mission, tackle different “ologies,” recommend books, and answer your questions.

To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 40: Healing

A few weeks back, when we talked about revivals, Tyler promised a story about his own experience in a revival setting. Today he tells that story, which sparks an entire conversation about healing, healing rooms, and name it/claim it theology.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 39: New Heavens & New Earth

Today is asmorgasbord of topics. We’re talking about the red cup… or actually, the outrage over the outrage of the red cup. We also talk Christian or Christianese, and spend our “ology” segment talking eschatology, specifically: what’s the point of the new heavens and new earth?
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 38: Global Missions with A Jesus Mission

In our local church, November is a month that we focus on global missions… so today, we extend that conversation onto the podcast. Why is it ? We discuss the importance of the church being on the mission globally, and we talk with missionaries Andy Ziesemer and Ashley Olsen of A Jesus Mission.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 37: Predestination

Predestination. The word itself can carry a ton of baggage, yet the Bible clearly talks about it. So how do we approach this issue without the labels, frustrations, and arrogance that can so easily accompany those on both sides of this doctrine?
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 36: A Clap Offering at the Revival

This episode is pretty much just a large Christian or Christianese segment. In addition, Tyler talks about virtual reality and the church, and Andrew talks about unity and diversity in the Church.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 35: A Bunch of Books

Today we’re recommending books, as well as talking about the way that we read.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 34: Alcohol

Should a Christian drink alcohol? Can a Christian drink alcohol? How much alcohol should a Christian drink? These are questions that pastors get every day. Join us as two pastors (one who drinks and one who does not) talk about this matter of conscience.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 33: All 10,080 Minutes

This week, most of our discussion revolves around the idea that we are the church everywhere we go, every day ... all 10,080 minutes a week. (Yeah, we looked it up.) So what does that mean for Sunday? Who is the gathering for? What’s the point? We tackle these, and many other questions.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 32: Live Periscope Q&A (Part One)

We’re answering questions! This week’s episode is a recording of our Tuesday afternoon Q&A on Periscope. Join us live for our next Q&A, Tuesday September 29th at 12pm Pacific. Find the link at twitter.com/tobethechurch.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 31: Sacred or Secular? The Way We View Art

Today we’re joined by fellow pastor, musical worship leader, and beard connoisseur Chris Centola. We spend the majority of the day talking about how Christians relate to film, TV, and ficton. We also discuss our Learn, Live, Lead strategy for discipleship, and Chris’s magnificent beard.

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