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We are the church. Not the building. Not the name. Us. The People. As Christians, we’re called to strive to be the church 365 days a year. Join Pastors Andrew Murch and Tyler Clarensau every week as they discuss life as Christians on mission, tackle different “ologies,” recommend books, and answer your questions.

To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 14: Christian or Christianese?

This week, we begin a new segment: Christian or Christianese, where we discuss terminology used by Christians. We also handle an Anonymous Comment, talk Ecclesiology, and discuss Tyler's uncomfortable Sunday morning.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 13: Cussing, Cursing, & Flipping the Bird

Today we talk about cussing, cursing, swearing, flipping the bird, and Tyler's Grandma. Enjoy. CONTACT US: podcast@tobethechurch.com, facebook.com/tobethechurch & twitter.com/tobethechurch SUBSCRIBE ON:
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 12: When to Leave a Church Part Two

On Episode 12, Andrew and Tyler talk about the fact that they'll likely regret a lot of things they say on this podcast. They continue the conversation from last week about pastoral transitions, and they talk about Ecclesiastes 3, God's sovereignty, and our new sermon series "For Tomorrow We Die."
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 11: When to Leave a Church Part One

On today's episode, Andrew and Tyler talk about when to leave a church, the classic cop-out "I'm not being fed," and the role that staff transitions play in the decision to leave. We also talk about Romans 7 and the concept of "already/not yet," the idea that the kingdom of God is here in true form (because of Jesus), but not yet in full form (because he hasn't yet returned).
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 10: Random Questions with Drew

This week, Drew tells us about the recent mission to The LA Dream Center. We also talk about Spring Training in the church, and...
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 9: Pastors, Stop Calling Your Wives Hot

On this week's podcast, we are joined by LPC Youth Pastor Drew Saccenti, and we discuss his popular blog post, "Pastors, Stop Calling Your Wives Hot." We also talk strategy with Chris, the winner of our March Madness bracket. Anonymous Comments are back, and we handle some listener questions.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 8: The Church and Art with Scott Erickson

This week, we break our normal format to talk about the creative elements of Good Friday and Easter. LifePoint's Media Director Bo Lane joins Tyler as they discuss the weekend, have a conversation with Scott Erickson, the painter from Good Friday, and listen to a song from the Death Deserved Gathering.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 7: What Does a Pastor Do All Week?

It's Easter week, and we're gearing up for a great weekend here at LifePoint. Today we discuss a question we get asked often: "What does a pastor do all week?" We talk church size dynamics and the role of a Lead Pastor as a church grows. For this week's OLOGY segment, we cover pneumatology, prophecy, yelling out in church, and how the Holy Spirit moves.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 6: Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

On Episode 6, we premiere the first song from next week's Good Friday gathering, and we talk about the way that pastors should dress and Andrew's biceps. In this week's Ology segment, we discuss soteriology, the study of salvation, as well as the idea of altar calls, J.D. Greear's book "Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart," and our own experiences of salvation.
To Be The Church Podcast

Episode 5: Eschatology with Gerry Breshears

This week, Tyler and Andrew begin a new segment dissecting "Anonymous Comments" that we have received at LifePoint. We are also joined by last...

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