Episode 123: To Be The Church Returns

To Be The Church Podcast

The To Be The Church Podcast is back!

After a summer full of staff transitions, camps, weekly gatherings, and vacations, Andrew and Tyler are back in the saddle, discussing Tyler’s recent trip to Haiti, pastoral prayers, and how to lead the local church in viewing current events through the lens of the gospel.

Tyler’s Pastoral Prayer
Life of Martyn Lloyd-Jones by: Iain Murry
George Whitefield by: Arnold Dallimore
The Benedict Option by: Rod Dreher
1984 by: George Orwell
Animal Farm by: George Orwell
East of Eden by: John Steinbeck
The Imperfect Disciple by: Jared C. Wilson
Cultivated Podcast by: Mike Cosper
Recapturing The Wonder by: Mike Cosper
The Beauty Between by: Kings Kaleidoscope

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