Episode 84: Calling Your Pastor’s Baby Ugly

To Be The Church Podcast

How do you suggest expositional preaching to your pastor? Can you? Should you? Also, how do you pray the Psalms? Join Andrew and Tyler as they discuss these questions, as well as list their favorite books by Timothy Keller.

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OUR FAVORITE TIMOTHY KELLER BOOKS: Every Good EndeavorThe Prodigal GodGenerous Justice, The Reason for GodWalking With God Through Pain and SufferingThe Meaning of Marriage

OTHER RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: Biblical Preaching by Haddon RobinsonBetween Two Worlds by John StottThe Preacher’s Portrait by John StottHe Is Not Silent by Albert MohlerThe Supremacy of God in Preaching by John Piperthegospelcoalition.org, tobethechurch.com/preachingThe Songs of Jesus by Timothy Keller 

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