Finding Preaching Content

Sunday comes around every week and the pastor is called on to preach. But how do you decide what to preach? Is there a guideline for what preachers should preach? The answers to these questions are vital not only for the preacher but for their hearers.

What is Patience?

“Patience is a virtue,” but it is often the hardest for us because it almost always feels like a waste of time. Does patience means doing nothing until the appointed time comes? Not exactly.

Living as a Christian in a Post-Christian World

As Christians we are residents of this world, but we are citizens of heaven. This radically effects our interactions within this world, our mindsets, and ultimately our mission.

The Gospel for Busy Moms

The life of a mom is often filled with many whirlwind moments of chaos and busyness. In those moments it’s easy for moms to get tunnel-vision on the numerous little details. However, there is a bigger picture that moms cannot lose sight of within the day-to-day.
Should Christians be Intolerant?

Should Christians be Intolerant?

In a world full of incalculable diversity, how should Christians view tolerance of beliefs of those around them? How do we follow Jesus’ example in marrying grace and truth? There are a number of things were we are called to approach with compassion and one place we cannot budge.


Worship is a word tossed about in Christian community, but is it simply a musical genre or a 25-min time on a Sunday morning. What would it look like if worship meant so much more than that?

We Sing Because We Need Words

Music impacts our lives in so many ways. But why is it such a big part of our church gatherings week to week? Music gives us something that we so often have a hard time finding on our own.

What am I supposed to do with my hands during church music?

On a Sunday morning there are a variety of people who join in musical worship together. Some raise their hands, some sing boldly, some sit, and some don’t sing at all. Should the music leader seek to direct the people towards a certain response? What are you supposed to do with your hands?
The Preacher is a Steward

The Preacher is a Steward

In John Stott’s book, The Preacher’s Portrait, he lays out five characteristics that the preacher is. Firstly, the preacher has been entrusted with a message and called to be faithful with it.
6 Reasons to Preach the Old Testament

6 Reasons to Preach the Old Testament

Most churches and Christians spend the majority of their time studying the New Testament while neglecting the other 75% of their Bible known as the Old Testament. Here are 6 reasons we need to be students of the OT.