Don’t Drop the Mic, Pass It – 4 Ways

A microphone offers a platform that many long for. However, handling the microphone in a church setting is a weighty matter, and it’s easy to grip that mic too tightly. If you’re a ‘mic-holder’ there’s four ways you can pass it on.

True Worshippers by Bob Kauflin

Bob Kauflin has been a voice for biblical worship in the Church for nearly four decades. The director of Sovereign Grace Music, his gift for developing theologically sound hymnody and great written resources for...

‘Headship’ for the Single Female

Though there are several passages in the Bible that women in the church would rather avoid because of their restrictiveness. The fact is, if we’re Bible believing Christians, we have to let the whole counsel of God speak into our lives. So what can we do with these tough texts?

What To Do With First Timothy 2

Though there are a number of ways that First Timothy 2 can go wrong, for Bible-believing Christians, it has significant implications for the church family. So what do we do with it?

What Not To Do With First Timothy 2

Perhaps the most challenging passages for Christians in the west is found in 1 Timothy 2:11-14. Before we decipher the meaning of this text, there are 6 things we should not do to the text.

The Headship Hubbub: Part 2

To our culture today, the concept of headship feels like a threat and a degradation. A close look at headship however, reveals powerful meaning for both males and females.

The Headship Hubbub: Part 1

In the 21st century, isn’t the concept of ‘headship’ in marriage basically archaic and unnecessary? The Bible does talk about headship, and if we’re going to get it right we’ll need to pay close attention.

Single Person, Please Don’t Skip the Marriage Sermon

If you’re a single person in your local church and you hear your pastor is teaching on marriage, it can be tempting to ‘take a week off.’ As easy as it may be to ‘opt out,’ here are 3 reasons why you’ll want to pay close attention to these biblical passages on marriage.

We Belong Together

We belong together. The Christian life is not a solo act. We need the gospel, and we need each other. This song, released by To Be The Church, is a reminder to the Church...
‘That’ll preach!’ But should it?

‘That’ll preach!’ But should it?

You may hear the phrase “That’ll preach!” after spouting a seemingly proverbial phrase and right before a potential mic drop. However, just because it’s catchy doesn’t mean it should be preached. There is only one thing worthy of a preacher’s time and attention.