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You and Me Make We

When people talk about the church, they often have a wide range of meaning, from the physical address of the church to the programs it is known for. The church, however, is more than either of these.

This is Why We Need Community

The ‘perfect’ lives we see on social media can cause us to forget that life is messy. Consequently, we’re often tempted to hide our imperfect lives from others. As the church we face struggle in a completely different way.


Worship is a word tossed about in Christian community, but is it simply a musical genre or a 25-min time on a Sunday morning. What would it look like if worship meant so much more than that?

What am I supposed to do with my hands during church...

On a Sunday morning there are a variety of people who join in musical worship together. Some raise their hands, some sing boldly, some sit, and some don’t sing at all. Should the music leader seek to direct the people towards a certain response? What are you supposed to do with your hands?

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