Worth It

Worth It

If you’re doing it well, youth ministry is hard work. It’s time-consuming, takes loads of emotional energy, doesn’t often yield immediate fruit, and save for a sermon once a week, most of your hard work goes unseen. You are quicker to hear about the gum stuck on the floor last night than you are about the difference your sermon made in someone’s life. Some weeks “The Lord sees” doesn’t seem to help.

We know that we should be motivated by the reward that is waiting for us in heaven. We know that ultimately we work our butts off, not to please any person, but to please God who gifted us and calls us into His service. Whether anyone sees us or not, we do it “wholeheartedly, as for the Lord and not for men.”[1] Yet sometimes we feel the frustration of a farmer who spends all his time plowing soil, sowing, watering, but because he never experiences the fruits of his labor, wonders, “Is this all worth it?”

We know that ultimately we work our butts off, not to please any person, but to please God. Click To Tweet

During times of difficulty and fatigue, I believe it’s helpful to remember the impact you’re having on those around you. Sometimes it would help to take a minute, look up from the plow, and wipe the sweat from your eyes to consider the difference your ministry makes in the lives of people.

Here’s a brief list of the people you impact weekly:


Your ministry is directly contributing to God’s work in the lives of students. As you pray, preach, and prepare, your helping students understand the gospel and put their faith in Jesus. As you form genuine relationships with students and include them in your life, your consistent presence will communicate value and love to students and give you access to making a lasting impact on their lives as you disciple them. Your leadership will also provide them an example of what it looks like to influence others for the gospel. Your impact on students cannot be overstated.


Your ministry is making a difference in the lives of parents! As you love and minister to their children, you are blessing them. Your ministry is greatly appreciated by them because you are helping them accomplish one of the most important objectives in their lives: to raise godly children. “Assist” is an important word there, because when you are doing your job well, your ministry reminds parents that they are the primary disciple makers in the home. You are equipping and empowering them to disciple their children as you communicate about their children, share your plans, and provide resources. Your ministry will be invaluable to parents.

Youth Staffers

You are a leader of leaders. As you recruit, train, and mobilize volunteer youth staffers, you are leading them to the rewarding experience of impacting the lives of students. As you equip them, build relationships with them, care for them, and build a healthy volunteer culture, you are giving them an opportunity to use their gifts to the glory of God in a way that they will never forget. By being a good leader, some of the people you’re impacting the most are the other leaders following you.

By being a good leader, some of the people you’re impacting the most are the other leaders following… Click To Tweet

I pray that you would be refreshed as you remember all the people God is impacting through your ministry.  I pray that you would be recharged as you remember how much God loves to work through His servants and co-laborers. I then pray you would be genuinely motivated to give it your all as you realize that the impact you see now is only a fraction of the whole picture, and that you’ll never fully know the impact you’re having until eternity.

Ok, ok – Minute’s up.

Back to work. For the glory of God.

[1] Colossians 3:23